4 Ingredient Basic White… Sauce?

To me, a basic white sauce is a (totally necessary) creamy, customizable & multi-purpose food-lovers dream. The possibilities are simple and endless: Mac & Cheese, Enchilada Sauce, White Pizza Sauce, in a casserole, as a fondue… Today I’ll prove it. Ingredients: 2 TBSP Butter 2 […]

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Finishing Leftovers: Tortilla Wraps into Chips

So if you can’t tell by now, I’m alllll about customize-able foods. I’m also a big believer in wasting as little as possible in the kitchen! I am so excited to start the “Finishing Leftovers” post series on EK! I’ll show you my simple & unique leftover-cooking hacks […]

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How a Roux Could Save Your Life in the Kitchen

I’ll always remember my mom teaching me how to make a roux (pronounced ROO) – and me thinking “when the heck will I ever need to make a roux?!” Then I moved out and soon realized that most of the dishes I loved required it… Chicken pot […]

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