3 Palettes I ACTUALLY Use

If you’re a makeup-crazed junkie like me then you probably love to collect every palette that comes out anyways; But if you’re a normal girl (I use the phrase “normal” very lightly… what is normal anyways?) and you only like to purchase the stuff you actually need… this one’s for you.

I started buying palettes what feels like forever ago (remember Coastal Scents?!) I loved owning them all but when it came down to everyday use, I barely used half the shades in every palette. These are the 3 palettes that I’ve used nonstop (can you tell in the pics?! lol) since I bought them… and I’ll tell you why they’re totally necessary!

Kat Von D Shade & Light

If you haven’t heard of this palette by now, then what the heck else have you been contouring with all your life?! (Is it something just as awesome? Let me know below in the comments so I can try it too!) I’m pale. I’m so pale it’s frustrating. I’ve tried so many contour palettes, sticks and creams that I’m pretty sure I’ve actually burst into tears over it… dramatic much? I think all of Kat’s cosmetics offer such a wide shade variety and I love it! The first row of the palette is made up of 3 matte “Light Powders”: Lucid (a pinkish nude), Lyric (a yellow beige) and Levitation (a soft peach). The bottom row is just as beautiful & contains 3 matte “Shade Powders” in the shades: Sombre (a true taupe), Shadowplay (soft brown) and Subconcious (a deep brown). My biggest issue with powder contouring products is that some are super dry and cling to even the tiniest of dry patches on your skin. But these are some of the smoothest-blending powders I’ve seen! Nothing is too orange-y and nothing is too gray… Every shade is so natural looking and super buildable – so you can apply a little at a time and it’ll only get better. 

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye

So now I’ve given you a little taste of why I love her contour palette… but an eye contour too? Okay, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to contour your eyes as well. But if you’re looking for one palette full of neutral shades for every skin tone… look no further. This is always my go-to palette for an everyday look; and with the same beautiful texture and quality as her Shade & Light Palette, I couldn’t pass it by. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

A few months ago I fell in love with adding color to my makeup looks. I soon found that it was super difficult to wear colored eye shadow (green, yellow… you know, the colors nobody else wants to wear) on a daily basis without looking too cray-cray. After finding my way in the color world and finding this palette, I can safely say that’s no longer an issue. Sprinkled with orange & pink tones, ABH Modern Reniassance combines neutrals and color into a gorgeous array of 14 shades that I can’t live without (Love Letter, Raw Sienna & Primavera are my faves!). For those of you thinking you could never pull off these bold pink tones – think again. You’d be amazed how quickly a pop of color can transform any neutral look; and with this palette, you have the power to do both. 



I purchased all of my palettes on Sephora.com!

Do you guys have palettes that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below!

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