At 17 I was becoming a makeup artist. By 18, my now-fiancé and I were just budgeting for our first apartment. When I was 19 I fell in love with the art of cooking. By the time 20 rolled around, I thought I wanted to go to school for interior design. Now, at 21 I’m a colorful self-taught makeup junkie by day and a spunky & passionate food connoisseur by night! When I’m not busy with cooking & beauty, I skim the home décor isles and spend time configuring my budget to make the most of our money. I am spunky, passionate and colorful! After a tug of war between every passion I’ve developed over the years, I decided I didn’t have to choose! Finally, I created a blog where I am making it my mission to share my thoughts & ideas to inspire others. I needed a creative outlet for my busy brain and this blog is exactly what came of that. On “Everything Katie” you will find just that… everything! No, seriously, I post it all….

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