DIY Brush Wash | Makeup Brush Cleaner

I’m kind of a germ-freak when it comes to makeup, are you surprised? I refuse to use my beauty blender without washing it daily & I wash my brushes at least once every few weeks! I’ve tried so many brush cleaners it’s unreal; but they either […]

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The Morphe Brushes you NEED to Start your Freelance Kit

When I was in cosmetology school, I thought hair was all I wanted to do. Once I worked in a salon – I knew I chose the wrong beauty niche. I had always loved makeup but I became so makeup-crazed almost overnight (and it stuck! lol). […]

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3 Palettes I ACTUALLY Use

If you’re a makeup-crazed junkie like me then you probably love to collect every palette that comes out anyways; But if you’re a normal girl (I use the phrase “normal” very lightly… what is normal anyways?) and you only like to purchase the stuff you actually need… […]

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