Cheap Finds: Target Sunglasses

How cute are these sunglasses!? I don’t know about you, but I am constantly throwing things into my purse & I lose track of everything. For me, sunglasses aren’t something I’m willing to spend tons of money on; they fall to the bottom of my bag… get scratched, bent etc.

 – Click here to check them out! –

Corey and I were going on a little road trip a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous out but I had juuuust broke my sunglasses on the way out the door (lol – see why I don’t spend crazy money on them!?). I ran into target to grab a pair and found these gold & white aviators. I fell in love… and then I noticed the detail on the sides too! Ahhh, they’re so “me” and I know to head back to Target when I lose these ones… hehe.

I never leave Target with just one thing… what else do you guys love to get at Target?! Let me know below in the comments!

xoxo Katie

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