DIY Brush Wash | Makeup Brush Cleaner

I’m kind of a germ-freak when it comes to makeup, are you surprised? I refuse to use my beauty blender without washing it daily & I wash my brushes at least once every few weeks! I’ve tried so many brush cleaners it’s unreal; but they either leave my brush coated with thick oils or have SO much of the soapy-stuff that they’re hard to rinse. I’ve tried some DIY brush cleaners in the past and after testing them out (plus a bunch of my own ideas) I put together everything I learned to create this perfect balance.

Ingredients: 1 TSP Olive Oil (I used Extra Virgin but I doubt it matters!), 1 TSP Coconut Oil, 2 TSP Dish Soap, 1/4 C Hot water

That’s it! I mixed mine in a bowl and added the hot water last, making sure to swoosh it around pretty good to start getting some bubbles going. This amount cleaned about 15 of my brushes but it all depends how dirty yours are! After swirling my brush in circles through the bowl of cleaner, I rinsed them gently in cool water & laid them to dry on a clean towel.

The combo of coconut & olive oils worked to pull out any leftover makeup gunk while still nourishing the brush hairs & leaving them sooo shiny! The dish soap and warm water worked against the oils, leaving the brush soft and not greasy while deep cleaning brush hairs!

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