DIY Pedicures all Summer (for the Price of ONE in a Spa!?)

I’m not sure what it is about having my toes polished that makes me feel more girly, but it does. I am always looking for ways to add to my beauty routines because the truth is, when you feel more beautiful – it shows. Since I’ve been doing my own pedicures (forever) I’ve spent quite some time tossing out yuck-smelling pedi products and growing a small, more reliable collection. I was even a nail tech at an upscale salon for a while, where I learned so much more than I already knew.

Today I’m sharing my pedicure how-to’s as well as my holy grail pedicure products for an amazing pedi in your own bathtub! I’m a huge fan of Essie, Deborah Lippman and Bath & Body Works and I make sure to link all of the products I use (check the dark pink products!). With spa pedicures typically running anywhere between $50-100, this turned out to be a major money saver for me.

DIY Spa Pedicure

1: Remove your polish (I like to use this Pure Acetone from Sally’s because I own a huge bottle!) and fill your tub (or even a small pedicure basin) with warm soapy water & soak those babies! Remember, acetone tends to be slightly drying to nails.

2: Pop feet out of the tub & pat them dry. Apply cuticle remover & push cuticles back. Clip cuticles as well as any hangnails or loose skin.

3: File toenails. I love mine squared off and couldn’t imagine rounding them, but some people love that! It’s all about personal opinion and what makes you feel & look your best. I use this file from Sally’s! I love how wide it is because it makes the file super easy to hold.

4: Time to lose the callus’! For this step, apply callus remover and scrub with a pumice bar. This pumice bar is ahhhhh-mazing. It’s super cheap (about $3) and super easy to use in addition to lasting me 10+ pedicures. On top of that, it’s not too harsh but still crazy helpful for feet that maaaaay have been a little neglected…Shhh.

TIP: I give myself a pedicure every week, so using callus remover each time can get a little harsh. Typically I’ll use body wash or bubble bath instead of a callus remover, but I always use the remover at least once a month to really freshen them up – your choice!

5: So your toes are shaped, trimmed, soft & ready to go… almost. I never finish a pedicure without using one of Bath & Body Work’s Aromatherapy Sugar Scrubs. This is such a vital part of my pedicure routine and my “feet-maintenance” if you will. I became obsessed with these scrubs a long time ago and I’m still pretty sure nothing could ever replace them. The scrub is coarse enough to get the job done but it soaks in nourishing aromatherapy oils to moisturize after exfoliation. Plus, uhhh those scents? Sweet relaxation.

TIP: Wipe toes with polish remover after this step, or any step using oil based products. Oils will stay underneath your polish and cause it to chip quickly!

6: Polish! I like to start with this base and top coat by Deborah Lippmann. After that, I do one coat of my color (I’m currently using #240 “Model Citizen” by Essie!) followed by one coat of Nailtiiques, Formula 2. Nailtiques is meant to strengthen nails and be applied directly to the nail but I choose this step because I believe it makes my pedicures last longer! After that, I do one more coat of color followed by a topcoat!

The next day…

Typically I get bored after waiting for my toes to dry so I never end up moisturizing until the next morning after my shower – which I don’t mind because that B&BW scrub is oh-so-good. If you’re in a rush just make sure your toes are dry before applying any creams or lotions. To finish off my pedi I give my feet a ‘lil massage with this B&BW Body Cream and douse my cuticles with this Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Oil. 

Do you guys do pedicures all thru the winter? Or only as sandal season approaches?! Let me know in the comments below!

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