JUST CALM DOWN: 3 Ways to Actually Do It

You can do anything, but not everything. Ever been having what feels like the worst day possible, yet everyone you cross paths with seems to tell you “just calm down” or “it’ll be okay”… Yeah, we’ve all been there. Let’s face it, stress isn’t special […]

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3 Palettes I ACTUALLY Use

If you’re a makeup-crazed junkie like me then you probably love to collect every palette that comes out anyways; But if you’re a normal girl (I use the phrase “normal” very lightly… what is normal anyways?) and you only like to purchase the¬†stuff you¬†actually need… […]

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DIY Pedicures all Summer (for the Price of ONE in a Spa!?)

I’m not sure what it is about having my toes polished that makes me feel more girly, but it does. I am always looking for ways to add to my beauty routines because the truth is, when you feel more beautiful – it shows. Since […]

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