The Morphe Brushes you NEED to Start your Freelance Kit

When I was in cosmetology school, I thought hair was all I wanted to do. Once I worked in a salon – I knew I chose the wrong beauty niche. I had always loved makeup but I became so makeup-crazed almost overnight (and it stuck! lol). Over the next few months, my passion grew and so did my makeup talent & collection! Then, after almost 3 years I finally found a job doing only makeup; I was ecstatic! I felt like my hard work had finally paid off. Plus, after they told me I’d need a makeup kit of my own- I finally had an excuse to confirm the online order I’d had saved on Morphe for weeks.

When I was doing clients’ makeup, so many of them hadn’t heard of Morphe yet and I constantly got questions about the brand I was using and why I had such a love and appreciation for it. I had always believed so much in my artistry but it was so important to me to believe in the tools I was using as well. I chose Morphe because I knew that when choosing something affordable – I also needed reliable and I couldn’t sacrifice quality. I have since stopped doing as much freelance work and can still trust all of these brushes on my own face every single day! Today I’ll show you my must-have brushes for a full face of glam on your clients (or you), as well as a few pro-tips & tricks along the way… I chose all of these brushes because after doing makeup on my clients, I’ve found so many dual purposes for them – making them the perfect starters for your kit!

  • Foundation: M439 I have ALWAYS been a makeup sponge girl rather than using brushes but when it comes to freelance work, brushes can be super convenient for working with oilier skin types. This way, you’re not adding more moisture where it isn’t necessary. The problem is, when applying foundation with a brush you want it to be short & fat and on the denser side so that too much product isn’t absorbed, but rather applied directly to your face. Double duty: This one’s good for packing a lot of powder on too! After I heard Jaclyn Hill talk about this one in her video a couple years ago, I knew I had to have it and it hasn’t failed me since.
  • Concealer: M335 Amazing for creams or liquids and I’ve even used it directly afterwards to set powder under the eyes. Double duty: this brush is also amazing for a precise cream contour! I love getting brushes that can be used for multiple things. This way, if you have a brush cleaner on hand (which you totally should – sanitized products are key when working on clients!) you can just wipe off one product & easily move onto the next!
  • Powder: RO This brush is pretty big for a powder brush which ends up being super helpful for working quickly on all canvases – because we’re creating art here, right!? Double duty: This brush is also a great go-to blender for bronzer or blush!

  • Bronzing: E3 I promise you girls, the shape of this brush creates the most flawless bronzer application. It’s slightly pointed at the top which creates some precision, yet the taper effect blends seamlessly. I am so impressed with this one and it may just be my favorite! Double duty: I actually also love this brush for contouring the collar bones & shoulders if you need to!
  • Contouring: E4 The angled brush makes it so simple to create a sharp (but blended) contour! because of the angle, this brush moves along the face so nicely – so you can even lightly contour noses and temples with it! Again, another brush that’s phenomenal at contouring the chest/collarbones!
  • Blush: M403 Works for shimmers or mattes, this brush is more circular on top and tapers downwards slightly – perfect for the apples of client’s cheeks! Double duty: If you’re ever doing a “strobing” technique with your highlight – you totally need this one! 
  • Dusting: M310 Of course you can use this one for highlight but I prefer to use it for “cleanup”. Eye shadow fallout happens to the best of us… I use this brush to gently sweep it away. Dual purpose, girls! 

  • Highlight: M438 This brush is actually referred to as a “pointed contour” brush – double freaking duty! But being a fan of blinding highlight, I love using this brush to give my own cheekbones and my clients’ the healthy glow they deserve! Double duty: If you’re contouring smaller areas like the nose, this one is great for applying and blending!
  • Contour Cleanup: M579 Again, while I am obsessed with baking my own contour using a Beauty Blender – it isn’t for every client. I found this brush to be amazing for not only a chiseled contour cleanup, but eye cleanup as well. Pro tip: Just apply it the same way, from outer corner to the end of the brow, to clean up an eye look that was blended too far past the eye!
  • Lips: M170-8 For lips, you’ll want to make sure you’re picking out a synthetic bristle for a softer & more even application – plus less staining & damage to your brush. I always go with this one. In fact, when I was putting my own freelance kit together, I stocked up on quite a few. The pointed tip is so handy for corners & edges. Double duty: wipe it off, apply some concealer and use it to clean up outer edges of lips as well! (This one’s great for cream nose contour as well!)
  • Brows: M432 Personally, I choose to use a wide array of brow products when it comes to my clients. But one thing I’ll never stop doing – carving brows out. I use this brush to apply a little concealer (okay, a ton) and outline my clients’ brows when I’m done filling them in for perfect & even brows. Double duty: wipe it off & use it to apply black shadow to their lash line before falsies for a seamless lash application!
  • Eyes: M505, M502, M433, R37, R38 When it comes to the eyes, I use an array of tapered blending brushes. These are a few of my favorites! Most of them are slightly pointed & tapered, making for an amazing crease transition. If you’re looking for a rounder & denser brush for outer corners, go for the M433 or the R38!
  • Lower Lash Line: E18, M508 I used to think that applying any shadow to the lower lash line would bring out baggy under-eyes. Wrong. It can actually even things out and balance shadow on the lid, making the eyes appear bigger. I use my E18 for to blend some shadow under my clients’ lash line! Did you apply liner to the water line too? It’s common for clients’ eyes to water when you’re working thiiiisclose to their eyeballs. I use my M508 and any black shadow to set liner on the waterline for a smudge-proof & long lasting application. 

 – Feel like starting your kit today? Every brush is linked above in their description! –

Like my brush holder?! It’s a mug I got at Walmart for just $5! Want to see more beauty organization hacks? Click here to let me know!

Have you tried Morphe? What are some of your favorite products!? Let me know in the comments below!

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